Do you have Tattoo Regrets?

Gayle is a Dermal Therapist who has had a career in the Beauty Industry for over 35 yrs.  During this time she has specialised in Cosmetic and Medical Tattooing . From her years of experience Gayle has helped people coming to her with tattoo regrets and areas of the tattoo they were unhappy with . With the need to help them , she progressed also into the non laser tattoo removal area . Her years of experience means she can identify what solution best suits the particular area in question so the removal is done as efficently and cost effective as possible 

Seeing a lot of unwanted tattoos over the years and their determination to remove them in the most  safe and natural way  possible, their research began.  Initially researching Laser tattoo removal, they soon realised the health of the client would be compromised greatly through using laser and so with their backgrounds this did not sit well. Laser tattoo removal pushes the ink down into the Lymph as part of the elimination process.  However not all the ink metabolises. The remaining ink is stored in the spleen and liver and could become toxic to the individual. Finally a non laser tattoo removal system was introduced to Australia and ticked all their boxes.  It brought the ink OUT of the skin and removed it completely. Skinial removal is a safe and natural tattoo removal system . Gayle has since intoduced 2 more forms of non laser removal which are more suited tot he cosmetic tattoo regrets

Gayle looks forward to meeting with you to help  make them a thing of the past! 

We offer 3 forms of Non Laser Tattoo Removal 

Skinial Non Laser tattoo removal - Lift Solution and  A+Ocean Saline tattoo removal . Both methods are safe and effective and offer a healthy alternative to laser removal .

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